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June 16th is Father’s Day


Father’s Day was founded and celebrated for the first time in Spokane, Washington in June 19, 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd to honor his father, William J Smart, a Civil War Veteran and a father, who raised his six children all by himself.

Today, we take time to honor two exemplary fathers who frequent Coral Garden as examples of fathers who like William J Smart, raise their children almost quite singly. Aha! Filipinos dubbed these men, “Tay-Nays,” shortened names for dad and mom, compounded.

Dave Cruz, a cheerful 67 year old  businessman  with three off springs and two grandchildren says that, “Fatherhood is about love, commitment and responsibility.  My wife fell ill with a debilitating ailment while my children were still young. I believe I have shown virtues to my children best through example: by being a devoted husband, generously giving quality time and guidance to my children, able to provide for their needs, and just being happy and fulfilled to have the privilege to do all these to my family”.  Children says, “Dad is our wise adviser, avid supporter, enthusiastic cheerleader, generous provider, ingenious chef, and over-all wonderful life compass and pillar”.  Grandchildren counter, “Granddad makes us happy, gives us our favorite toys and food.” 

                                                   Dave Cruz’s Family

                       (Bottom) R-L: Wife Bess, Granddaughter Anouk, Grandson Nicos

              (Top) R-L: Son David the 3rd , Son-in-law Jayel, Daughter Michal, Dave Cruz




Ver Claro del Rosario, Carlo for short is a thirty eight year old father of two boys, Carlitos, eleven and Vino, three years old. Carlo is a general contractor, a gym addict and claims to be “desperately in love with Christ!” His wife, Ella Atienza del Rosario, whom he loved passionately, passed away August 23, 2011 due to complications brought by a malignant brain tumor.  Carlo proudly quipped, ”My children are undoubtedly my source of strength…they provide that sense of purpose for ultimately they do not belong to me but rather they belong to God, simply entrusted to me to raise to become the best they can possibly be.” Aha! What a profound love for Christ!

                      Carlo del Rosario and his two boys, Carlito and Vino




Coral Garden honor all fathers, grandfathers, uncles or men who have woven paternal bonds  when they celebrate at Coral Garden, with free mango pudding on June 16.

Happy father’s day!