More Coral Garden Menu Items


There are many Chinese restaurants found in almost every corner of the world with menu that is blah! Blah because one finds the same food items in the menu cloned in ages. What makes Coral Garden stand out from the crowd of restaurants is its unique menu and consistent delivery of tasty food on the table. AHA!

seafood hot pot

Coral Garden’s Seafood Hot Pot is a medley of scallop, shrimp, fish fillet, squid, shitake mushroom, tofu and mung bean thread in a delicious mouth-watering gravy. Aha! To the seafood lover!

special cha miswa

Special Cha Miswa, the noodle that is A MUST TRY, where miswa is stir fried with shrimp, squid, pork, chicken, mushroom, garnished with scrambled egg, Spanish peanuts and fried crispy shallots. Aha! To all Chinese who traditionally eat cha miswa on occasions like birthday, engagement, wedding, baptism etc. Aha! Now you know where to order your Special Cha Miswa.

event table setting

For all parties, like baptism, birthday, anniversaries or any get together, Coral Garden will package a buffet, decorate according to the occasion, entertain guests with fun and games galore. The party becomes memorable in contrast to the stale, uneventful plainly “eating” parties that one typically attends with photographer and videographer on hand to make that one special occasion indelibly marked in the celebrant’s life.  AHA!

event setting


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  1. Can’t wait to taste these dishes!
    May all food served here be blessed each day, including all people who come here.
    Love, peace, and joy always!

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