Aha Moment: Introduction


Why write blogs? Why write or read about ones trivial life?

I was inspired by this website http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/ to create this blog.

Aha Moment! Blogs entertain. It sparks curiosity and enlightenment. Some are delightful and mostly are truthful because typically are first hand information or personal experience of the author.

Aha Moment

Aha Moment

In the process, we discover something new, something useful, something splendid and something that elicits discernment. I call this, Aha Moment! Synonymous to saying, “ Eureka! I found it!” My blog will be about the pronoun “it,” from travel, food, cooking, entertainment, movie, books, relationships; anything that I perceive has value.  I aim to share with you my thoughts as I experience life.

Equally, please share yours too. Welcome to the world of discovery, my and your Aha moment.


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